What To Do In Hilton Head


Hilton Head Island is a wonderful vacation spot in South Carolina with sandy beaches, full-fledged golf courses and complete choice of to-do things. If you are looking for a peaceful place to stay, then you can check out the website http://www.oceanfronthhi.com/neighborhoods/palmetto-dunes/. The latest news on real estate is listed in one of the best real estates website, http://www.realtor.com/news/real-estate-news/. The island has numerous trails, so it is easy to explore either by bike or by walk.

The famous beach which is located on Hilton Head is the Coligny Beach Park which is towards Pope Avenue extreme which is off the Coligny Circle. The sandy area is covered with tourists who tan their skin in the wavy seabed or just relaxing in the umbrella shade.
The beach has all the facilities and bathrooms are maintained clean. There are ample changing rooms and showers available outdoor and you can go free to the beach as you can rent any equipment related to the beach you want. You can also find many food varieties in the park which would make the beach an inviting place to stay.

If you are looking for private beaches, then you can better bike to Alder Lane, Chaplin Community Park or Islanders Beach Park. They are equally beautiful, and further, they are open to the public. All the beaches in Hilton Head Beaches have private access but are public. During summer you can see a lifeguard on duty on the majority of the public beaches and the nearby parks. If you are still wondering about the things to do in Hilton Head, it is better to start exploring to reach the place instead of browsing in depth.

When you go to Hilton Head, you need not worry about any transport facility. The island is pretty small which is 12 miles long, and the width is 5 mile, and you need not worry climbing any hills as there are none of them. All the places on the bike can be accessed through the bike. In 1960 few smart islanders wanted to discourage smoke emitting vehicles and in turn wanted to encourage biking, and it started with a wide network of bike trails and it continues till now.
You can visit all the places leisurely by a bike ride. The length of the bike lane is approximately 60 miles, and the shared path is more than 200 miles. The streets have specially allotted bike lanes around the city.

Easily understandable maps of the bike lanes are available, and you can make use of the boats to explore the secret places on the island which would be easily missed out. You can take an adventure trip to explore the secret beaches and missed out parks.

There is a lot more to enjoy in Hilton Head other than the beaches and the spectacular view. There is also a large theater which can hold a large crowd and is known as the best art center in the entire country. There is a group of highly talented people who do a significant job by performing various arts.

Why Digital Luggage Scales Are A Must Have For A Traveler

Digital Luggage Scales

Are you someone bitten by the travel bee? Do you love traveling solo or with kith and kin to exotic locations? If yes, then you would have to pack those travel bags too. The weight of the bags is also an important factor. All the flights have restrictions about the amount of weight to be carried, and you would have to pay extra if the weight is even 1 pound over. So, you would surely need to check the weight before you head to the airport. digital luggage weight scale would be the ideal option for any traveler. These are handy, compact and do the job perfectly. Now the bags are packed, and you are ready to step out, the web page www.ordinarytraveler.com would provide you all the information you need to know about exotic locations complete with awesome pictures.

Let’s You Do Your Part In Being Eco-Friendly
Some people end up packing too much for even a weekend trip. Most often it is not necessary. Unless you have small kids who keep spoiling each dress, it is only necessary to take just the right amount of clothes and accessories for your trip. Having a digital scale helps you keep track on the weight you carry and not just dump each thing into your travel bag. It helps you minimize what you take for each trip and not maximize it with random stuffs. When you carry less stuff, it automatically slows down the impact it makes on the environment.

Other Ways Digital Scales Help
Here are some other ways in which a digital luggage weight scale helps:
When there are more chances that you will return home with a heavier luggage, a digital scale will help you to plan and reduce weight while you leave from home and also while returning home after buying stuff; you could again weigh the bags to make sure you have not exceeded the maximum allowed weight.

People who often carry heavy equipment like photographers could take the weight of their equipment in advance and plan the journey accordingly.
If you are planning to go on a long trip, events, weddings, cruises, expeditions, etc. would need you to carry more clothes. In such cases, keeping a portable digital luggage weight scale helps you to plan accordingly.
You could also weigh your carry luggage that you could take with you on the airplane and make sure it does not exceed the weight limits.

Hence, to avoid any possible confusions or last minute removal of luggage at the airport, it is always better to carry a digital luggage scale with you while you travel. The penalty that airports charge if the luggage exceeds the limits is also too high an amount which can easily be saved if you have a digital luggage scale with you. As the famous saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. The digital scale is also preferred over normal scales as the scale gives the correct weight to the precision of decimal points which is not possible on normal scales.

Top Hidden Threats In Your Bathroom

hidden treats

Not many realize the potential danger that is hiding in their bathrooms. Most home injuries occur in the bathroom according to recent studies. It has even been listed as a dangerous zone in any house. Reef offers solutions to reduce the causes of injuries in your bathroom drastically by replacing your drains with anti-slip drains. According to www.nytimes.com, falls in the bathroom can even be fatal to the elderly. Some of the top threats that are lurking in your bathroom have been listed below for your own safety:

The sink, the tub, and the shower usually have water around it, making it very dangerous and causes for slip and fall injuries. Since water is free flowing, there are chances that the water flows from the tub or the sink or the shower to the other areas in the bathroom making it even more dangerous. It would be a good idea to check whether your shower curtains are fitted properly to avoid water seepage into the non-shower area of your bathroom. Experts recommend getting a glass door instead of a curtain to eliminate water coming out from the shower area completely. A non-slip rug next to the tub can help stop you from slipping as well. Nowadays there are anti-slip tiles that come with an uneven surface to avoid people from tripping over.

Bathroom Products
Most of the products that are used in the bathroom like shampoo, conditioner, facewash, bath gel, shaving foam, etc. can get collected on the floor, making it very slippery. One way to avoid this is by rubbing down your shower or tub after each use to prevent any slickness from building up. Well-placed anchor grab bars near the shower or the tub is also another great way to prevent a fall.

White Surfaces
A sparkling white bathroom may look very nice. Unfortunately, it also causes people to get disoriented making them more prone to falls. The water on a white tiled floor is not easily visible, making it very dangerous for adults and kids alike. You can switch your regular bulbs to frosted ones to reduce the glare, making the water more visible in the bathroom.

Space Heater
Electric space heaters are used by most people in the bathroom to keep it warmer for kids or older adults. Unfortunately, this presents a higher risk of electrocution. It can also burn anyone who accidentally slips on the wet floor and falls onto the heater. It would be a good idea to get rid of the space heater in your bathroom to avoid any serious injuries.

Shattered Shower Door
In the early 80s, glass shower doors became more popular. These are useful to stopping water from coming into the dry area of a bathroom. Unfortunately, they would break easily if someone were to accidentally fall onto it. This shattered glass would cause even more injury than the fall itself. It would be a better idea to get thicker glass doors that can withstand substantial force without shattering into tiny pieces.